Veg Lunch

Today I tried green lentils instead of oranges. The green does not get destroyed that easily.
This patch turn out tasty after adding chili flakes.


The green lentils cooked with ginger, cummin seeds, tumeric powder also some cloves and tomatoes. Also, some water.
When ever the heat is missing the flakes is the best solution to get some heat. I am really pleased.

Daal which is to thick

Good morning!
For some days ago a friend and I went to a Indian store near to Drottninggatan to buy things for our indian cooking. I bought a lot all of things beside one spice which I have almost nothing left. One of the major reasons why I went to the store to buy that spice and I totaly forgot it.
Anyway, so today I mad daal after weeks with non-veg!
While cooking the daal I managed to forget the time and the daal become too thick. However, too thick dall is not that big of a problem. I prefer too thick daal than a too thin and watery. Becasue I can always add some water when the daal is heating up.
For this daal I used all ready mad masala becuase the energy for mixing and adding all the requried spices take time and energy which I did not have.


The daal is mixed with coscos, becasue I want to finish coscos very soon. I am hoping i can sson do chapati because I miss it so much.


La fish for lunch


I was really surprise how the dish turn out. Simple dish, but no too bad. The main spice I used was something from Kirgizistan and was red. Anyway, I have no clue how the spice should have been used but now it is over and I have some portions left of the fish. What I really like with this dish is all the green vegatables.

best snacks ever

I am major need of snacks every second or thired hours. The thing is apples are very tasty but somehow it feels that my teeth get a layer of suger or so. Therefore vegetables are much better such as carrots. The chewing part and sweetness are a perfect mixed. I am waiting to turn orange due to all the carrots. Whenever the time for my snacks pass by my energy level sinks like a rock in the sea. My mind stops and when I am on the cardio machine, it can start to twist in my head.


Carrots are the best snacks forget apples, bananas or sweets. Carrots is the thing!

yea, I used my webcam sorry for the bad quality.

Art in an other way


Why did we learn to not to play with the food? Think if my parents allowed me to play wth the food than I might ahve been able to make something like this!
One thing is for sure, I would not eat a ship made of food becasue for how many hours have the ship been standing outside? Also, how many hands have touch the food? Feels like a bit of waste of food, however it is really cool what people can do with veg. GO food art!

stew or soup who knows?

So, for some weeks ago I had this amazing meat soup with my grandsparents and could not stop thinking about the dish. Therefore, I decided to cook the dish today, while I needed to do huge grocery shopping.
I really liked the soup, however due to the hugh amount of meat, I could not follow the recipe to 100 %.

I used:

1 kg meat,
5-10 new potatoes 2 carrots
2 onions
2 red pepper

cut everything in small pices. Put the greens and the meat in the pan and fry. When everything are fried add the tomatoes, stocks and everything else. Let it boild for some time and then it is tasty and read to eat.


This is insane

I have not seen our rhubarbs this big before. They are huge.
So, today I am making a rhubarb pie with our own fresh rhubarbs. How can I not bake a rhubarb pie?
Like, most likely I won’t eat it, but I do love baking.


I am over 170 cm tall so you might understand how long the rhubarbs are. also, I have to point out, I am in gym clothes and normally I do not wear over size t-shirts besides in the gym.