A good view

Well, today was a good day. First college with studies and in the afternoon a work out.
But, the weather was horrible, not at all like the weather on the photo. Nowadays the air is cold and chilli. The photo is taken at Slussen, the view from slussen is great, I love it. Might be one of the few views I really enjoy in Stockholm.
There are some other places with lovely view too, such as the bridge from Hornstull to Kungsholmen, more or less any view with water is great.
However, I wish the new slussen is starting very soon, because Slussen as a place is just horrible.

Chnaged the header

Was it not time to change the header?
For me, the earlier header was beautiful on the flower. (never seen a flower like that before). However, the header started to become old and also, I do not live in India anymore. So, may be the header should have a other look.


The new header is not from Sweden, but on the other hand the view is amazing. Love the photo, taken i Canada.


Hope you like the new header, in my case I love it!

A big day


Today is a important day. From 9 am is finally finance exam.
At 4-10 pm I got to work and again no time to meet friends. But on Sunday after work my friend is meeting up my friend.
However, I thought it is crazy I will be done with my BBA in 2016 January.
January, till then I have to keep on working hard.
Then, let see what sort of trip I m going to do. Travel to Canada, India or travel somewhere in Europe?

Exam in some hours…nervous!