Here comes dumplings


For some days ago I went out with a friend, we ordered a huge order of dumplings. Dumplings with pork, beef, duck and salmon. Well, the sadness part was, non of them tasted as good as the “seven sisters” dumplings in Viman Nagar. I do not know how they make the dumplings at Seven sisters. But man, they taste like heaven.
This dumplings in Sweden, was a bit dry, but pork dumpling was the best and the salmon was less good.

Also, I feel a bit irritaded, I woke up an hour too early by myself and could not fell asleep afterwords. Guess if I am going to be a sunshine after work.

My college

My college

That is my college, I have spend a year in. Will I miss it? yes.
What have made this year so special is because of my friends.
What makes a place special to your heart is the people around you. The people you have spend time with.
Sometimes it can be hard to understand how something has influence before you say goodbye to the place. When you have sad goodbye and it is time to leave. It is then you get to know, how lucky you have been.

Too much food

Too much food

Okay, maybe you do notunderstand how much food I had for dinner. Especially with this photo with only two seve puris.

Well, then I can explain. First I had some rasma in the mess (got protein), then my friend and I went for chart, street food pani puri (to the best place they serve pani puri in Viman nagar.Every place make different taste). On to off that I gave my friend company for dinner. We had mushrooms masala and naan bread. So much food but it was a very nice evening!
Can you understand how much I ate?
Also, who can say no to street food or not give a company to a good friend?

A night coffee

A night coffee

Sense last evening I had huge craving for coffee and when the CCD is not open in the hostel.
So, during the dinner my friend and I were little bored and deiced to go to cafe Milano, Cafe Milano is almost next to CCD and Reliance. My friend ordered choco rocks and for me an Americano.
We spoke about Hinduism (very interesting), future plan and much more. I have to confess my friend asked about Protestantism and I could not give much good information compare to the knowledge my friend has about Hinduism.

A good end of a week. Evening coffee with a friend and get a hard time to sleep.

What have happened to the sidewalk?

What have happened to the sidewalk?

Seriously, this sort of things can make me tired and crazy.
Why can they not do a sidewalk proper? Is it that hard? So many things are made half way.
Some of the reason can be the time to finish the work took much longer time then original plan, extra cost, someone ate the money, add details on the sketch and so on.

On that sidewalk, it is impossible to be to on a line. Which make it harder to talk to friends.

Who said girls do not eat?

Who said girls do not eat?

Yesterday was really good evening with a good friend. We went out for dinner in Viman Nagar, because we were too tired to go to KP.
So, we had a walk to a restaurant, Paradise (famous for Biriyani) and of course we did not order Biriyani. Biriyani has too much rice for my taste.
Instead, we ordered 3 chicken dishes, veg sequ kebab (not good at all), aloo something, naans.
We sat in the restaurant for over 2 hours, non stop eating and talking.

The worker, mixed up the my roti order with naan and did not confess hemade a mistake.

I think the worse part is, when they want to put the food on my plate first when food arrives on the table. But also during the meal they want to serve the food. Coming to the table after every 15/30 minuets. Which is very annoying, we can put the food on our plates by our self.



So, yesterday dinner. My friend and I went to a local restarunat, near to CCD in Viman Nagar.
It is funny to order food there. The reason is for example
friend: one plain naan
the man how take the order: naan
Friend: yes, one plain naan
the man: butter or pain
friend: pain
the man: pain?
friend: yes, pain
the man: one plain naan

Then, we ordered full tomato plat and full chicken tikka.
Friend: one full tomato plate
the man: tomato plate
Friend: yes full,
the man: Full or half
friend: full plat
the man: full or half
Friend: full
the man: Full?…
friend: yes

With full chicken tikka plat, was something else
the man came out again to our table to be really sure if we wanted a full plat of chicken tikka.
the man: chicken tikka, full, half or less
friend: full
the man (pointing on the menu card) full 20 pieces, half 10 pieces, or 5 pieces
Friend: full
the man: full?!
friend: yes full, 20 pieces
the man: full… okay!

We have been to the restaurant many times, and it is the same procedure every time. We need to repeat the order so many times. But the food is pretty good, but the best part, it is near to our homes. The restaurant is between both of our places.

post cards

post cards

So, I have some postcard which I have written for some days ago. For some days they have been lying on my desk and I have been thinking tomorrow I will post them.
But every day I forget them.
I guess, tonight I will but them in my bag so I will not forget the cards.

Then I get a other question where is the nearest post office. The thing is I have not seen any post office in this area.

Cow and muuu


Maybe this cow try to hide from the people? Or just eat something else then plastic bags.
Can the cows really have a good life in India? I do not think so…
Well, I can not get enough to take photos on cows. Just love the animal with the big brown eyes. Cows are so peaceful, maybe one of the best animals. They are also very tasty.

Time to sleep, because today has been a tiring day. Just have not slept enough this week. Tomorrow Friday (can not believe it!)

Yummy Chicken

Yummy Chicken

As always, the mess served really bad veg. Really bad. So it ended up I met a friend and we went to a very local restaurant, near to my hostel.
When we entered the restaurant the worker asked if we where two and yes of course. So, it meant we need to go to the other part of the restaurant where it was family dinner area. But first we needed pass the area where all men ate the dinner.
But, the chicken was absolutely one of the best tandoori chicken I ever had. It ended up I had two half chicken with a naan bread.
Yummy, good dinner.