walk in Stockholm

So, today´s was the oppoiste from the last evenings with a lot of work. Therefore, it felt wired to not have anything to do at 9 pm, 10 pm and even 11 pm. So, instead of getting ready for bed, I decided to take a evening walk around Stockholm. During the walk I found a great band preforming at Drottninggatan. There were a lot of people, standing and listning on the band.
The music was not my cup of tea, but compare to other street music this was good. Really good.
That is the beauty with the summer, people are out and prefroming arts. The total opposite with winter, when everyone is sitting inside and do not want to face the cold weather.


Just like everyone else

So, we in Stockholm are waiting for the cherry trees to turn pink and not any cherry tree either. The trees we are waiting for are thus at Kungsträdgården. I do not really why, but that is how it is. When the trees have finally got the flowers, then the spring is on the way or is already here. It is so beautiful to be at Kungsträdgården during that time because the pod has water and the trees have the pinkish flowers.

Also, everyone stand under the trees to take photos on them self with the flowers or only on flowers. I took only on the flowers. Soooo beautiful, think to have a mini cherry tree at home!

A long day is finally ending

I have no idea where the time went. Somehow the whole day passed by too quickly. Especially at work, we got non-stop calls during the the 3 first hours. On the other side, the last hour was a bit slow, almost no calls.

Well, on top of that, I think tomorrow will be a good day. The reason is: study at home, write the research paper, go to the gym and in the evening will be delegated with Rotaract. While, during the day the weather will some what warm around 15 (if we are lucky) Which mean, I have to take a walk tomorrow too. Hopefully, the spring has arrived here and will stay till the summer comes.


Beautiful old town in Stockholm. Lovely to walk here during the summer evening/nights. Sometimes it feels like I am not in Sweden in Old twon, because it is different from the rest of stockholm.

Morning walk to the train station

Today and again I woke up before the alarm clock and had a calm breakfast with a episod of Big bang theory.
However, the time did not pass by fast enough therefore I the time to take a walk next to the wait on my way to college.

It is during this season with early sun which many people in Stockholm loving and so do I.
Love the sun during the sping, because the weather is not too hot and the sun is not too strong either. Just lovely, lovely. The whole way and right now I am still smiling.
Welcome back the sun, we have been missing you.


A walk and i got lost

Yesterday evening I did go to the gym and there for I took a walk in the neighborhood.
The best part is all the beautiful buildings and apartments. To pass by buildings from early 1900, to modern houses are great. Also, in the evenings after 8 pm, very few people are out and there for it is much easier to walk and relax the mind. So, there are some streets I have passed by so many times, but never walk on and yesterday I deceid to try and see where the streets took me. It ended up I got lost and found a huge building, which I have no clue what it is or what it has been. First I though it had been a jail, then I saw a big kitchen and rotary symbol. On top of that, I think there are apartments in the building.
You might understand how I am twisted about the building.
Also, I did not find any sign on the house.

Oh well I can not beleive it

It feels like I have been here, in college for almost 10 hours.
Well and my legs are paining, not because I have have done have work out. Not at all, Instead due to sitting too much. I had a plan to go to work, but now I do not think I have the time, or at least going to miss the work out class.
Well, what to do?
Tomorrow is Friday and I I want to relax but no way it is possible, I have presentation about IPO, gym (I have to go tomorrow if I miss today) and laundry time.

I want to go home and eat something good, like fried eggs and some vegetables with masala tea and watch an episode of Big bang theory.


Christmas windows

Every year NK decorate the best Christmas windows in Sweden. There is no other stores to compare with.
Also, NK attrackts allot of people in all ages, young boys and girls, teenagers, grownups and real old people. Everyone goes to NK and see what sort of decoration they have made this time.
Thought to bring my camera with me, but was too lazy. There for the photos are not that good. But, to point out, this is very much Christmas when NK open up the Christmas windows and it is a sign Christmas is around the corner.
Also, as a tourist during Christmas time in Sweden, should go and have a look on NKs’ christmas windows.