Useful gifts

So, for more then a month I have been without a water bottle. There for when I got a water bottle for free, I can express FINALLY, a useful thing.
Also, some other useful gifts for my studies are a notebook but also the small colorful posted notes.
All the the three gifts are very useful for me. Never wrong to get an other notebook, due to all the writing in college. Also, the posted notes are in plastic there for they won´t break that easily.
Perfect, perfect and perfect.
Yes, the water bottle has a company´s name printed on, but who cares? As long the bottle are useful.

a walk next to Mälaren


Just 15 minutes with the metro and it is possible to take the walk next to the water for very long way to Stockholm city.


However, to walk next to the water and see the green trees in the summer. Are very refreshing. Nowadays, in the fall. The nature is beautiful, but the fall is depressing.
A reason to move away from Sweden.

Today, I have to visit my university to buy next course literature and attend a meeting.

famous rocks


The famous rocks.
Well, next to the very long beach there are some famous rocks.
The reason why they are famous is because, many Bollywood movies are using the rocks. Specially in love songs and so on.
For me I liked this part. The reason is, it is from all the restaurants and tourism. Peaceful.