Now it is cold

No words is needed….

Now it is cold. I am going to manage this winter? My ears, fingers and feets are feeling cold both inside and outside. Should I look like the michelin? May be as long as I can keep me warm. My fingers are always truning pinkish when the temprature is under 0… Even when I have my super winter gloves… Something is wrong for sure.


Nothing is just perfect in Mumbai

IMG-20150621-WA0002 IMG-20150621-WA0003

For some months ago I got two photos from a friend. She wrote that during the whole day it has been raining and had been impossible to do anything.
I have heard other stories that planes have not been able to lift from mumbai due to the rain. Everything stop working, the is nothing to beside sitting inside and wait. Therefor I have been lucky to live in Pune. Compare with Mumbai Pune has much better weather. Less rain!

But, the thing is, if a outside want to travel to Mumbai and is not aware of the heat in April-June and the monsoon in June till August. The whole trip can become a nightmare. The heat is too much and the rain is too much. Everything is too much in Mumbai, also there are too people!
One reason some of my friends do not like Mumbai and India… everything is too much nothing is just perfect which we swedish people LOOOOVE…

20 minutes walk and you got this

Yesterday before the dinner, I could not stay at home any longer. Even after a bodypump work out at Nordic wellness, my body still had extra energy.
Well, for an hours or so I took a walk with many other joggers and walkers around Djurgården and Gärdet next to the water. The nature took me by surprise with the quietness and lack of people. It is just some minutes from the city but still extremely few people. May be everyone is going to Skansen instead of a walk. Well, I shall not complain.
Also, a friend got photo on the nature and her answer on whatsapp was, it is so clean and they rarely find this neatness. It was like Kashmir she thought.

Not that great weather

I wish to get some sun and snow and typical beautiful winter. Well, that has not happen for many days, beside today. Well, there are no end of all the snow at least our snow weather is nothing compare with US.
I met a friend who is going to Split for semester change and she will have an amazing time abroad. May be I can travel to Split and visit her in the summer.

What a scarf can do


Some days there is a feeling to get dress up little or use less normal clothes.So today was a black dress with a silk scarf non of them are my normal clothes. But it made me feel good because the weather has been horrible, greyish and clod.
On the other side my stockings were horrible. They did not want to stay up and I did not have a second par with me. Just perfect.

The scarf is from New York and I do not really remember from which store. I got it around 5 years old, but not very used. A good thing with scarf they can change a easier dress to look much dressed up.


How depressing is not the fall?
The weather is grey and rainy. The darkness is increasing more and more. Before the snow has arrive the weather is depress. The leafs are at least turning yellowish color before they fall to the grass.
Normally from the group rooms have a nice view over the landscape.

Oh no rain

This is so typical!
Again it is raining, not only it rain last night today it is raining again. Rain, is a very good sign for the fall has arrived.
But the biggest problem is my rain boots do not protect my feet anymore from the rain. The reason is due to a hole and there for there is no use to use them anymore.
I have had them for may be 4 years, but I thought they would have a better quality. There for I have to get another brand, a more proper rain boots quality and not Ralph Lauren.

Bye bye, I won’t need you anymore