The offical preparations can start now

In earlier posts have been about my family in India and about my sisters wedding (which I can not attend due to fianl exams). But, she did send some photos from a ritual which they have before the offical preparations for the wedding could start.

My question is why this ritual what is the history behind it, what do they do during the ritual? The only thing I could figure out was the people at the ritual were women from the family. Also, everyone were really beautiful in the sarees. Still what do they do at the ritual? I do know and can even understand from the photos…

Does anyone know? I am so lost!

Never ending music

The society next to the hostel has a function the last days. If I remember right from Friday and still going on. They have a tent and playing load, load music. The music is bollywood music, some are old with mix off the latest.
I think it is a wedding or something like that. Why on earth would they play music the couple of nights if it was not a wedding?
They start to play around 7 and keep on play and play.