Monday day


Yes, A new week and nothing is new with me. There is the same things which has to be done and I do not know where to start. Should I start with law, or my applications or may be GMAT. I have written so much that my arm is hurting and still I do not know what I know in Law. Well, is that not typical?
However, a friend send this photo to me and asked why is my nickname allver the streets? Hehe… That is so us…

New day and same things

Yea, I can not say I am excited about this day. Same thing every day, studies and studies. However, today I gave more time on GMAT than Law. It felt GMAT needed some time, to keep the memory fresh sort of.
However, the rest of the day is for law and later to meet up a friend and go and look for make up to a holloween party in November. I know what I am will wear and everything but not sure about the make up yet. If I should go for more a witch or ghost sort of make up. In the end the question is about money. How much do I want to spend on one party…

What a morning

Last night I took a look on my time table to make sure I had class today morning. I read that from 8 am to 11 am there was a class. So, at 5:50 my clock rang, and I woked up fresh and made my lunch and ate my breakfast in the kitchen next to the sink (as always during the week). Packed my bags (one bag for law book and computer and the other one for my gym clothes and food). Than half way to the train I checked once again on the time table and saw we do not have any class today. Instead the time table showed only seminariums. Which mean I got ready and stressed all for nothing. Instead of travle to college I turn around and here I am at home in my gym clothes infront of my computer writing about law.
At 11 am I am going for Bodybalance class 🙂 So may be this day won’t be too bad either. _MG_8619

what a day

My breakfast is as boring as my plans for today. My breakfast was with oat and apple pieces. My day, is full with laundry hours from 7:20 to 12 am. Then I had in mind to have a fast visit at the gym. But, that might not be possible. The reason is very simple, my knee is hurting at everything step I am taking. So, most likely my knee has to rest. For example during the bodypump I used the same weight for my legs and arms, 3 kg. How depression isn’t?


Great evening

So, today was a really busy day. College from 8 to 6. Then home, drop my computer at home. Went to meet the first designer and spend the evening with her and one who is helping with organizing the upcoming event. Well, the evening passed by so fast and from no were the time was 9 and then 11:20 pm. We ate Tapas next to Drottninggatan. The designer showed a photo with her clothes and I can say this INCREDIBLE. Just like art!

Then, after our first meeting. It was time to run at the gym. Also, I have always wanted to see who is at the gym at 00. So, it was just to go there and work out for 30 min. We were very few people at the gym, most of the were guys, maybe 5 people. Peaceful at least.
Now the time is 2 am and I have to wake up at 6:ish….. This week won’t provide a lot of sleep.

The photo is from Pune, December 2014.


Mary Kom movie

I am so excited to go and watch the movie on 14th of April. The movie is about a women from the northeast of India directed by Omung Kumar. The movie is based on Mary Kom a five times winner of world cop championship. Well, the most incredible is I am going to meet Mr. Kumar and interview him. I can not believe I am going to meet a Bollywood director Omung Kumar!

Theatrical release poster depicts a boxer, looking sightly angry, standing. The boxing ring and audience are in the background. Text at the bottom of the poster reveals the title, tagline, production credits and release date.

No I have not forgot the blog

I have been very busy again.
The new job has taken my time and energy. When I have arrived home, my head has been very heavy and tired. Due to all the new information and environment. But I am sure after some weeks there won´t be any problems.
Also, on the side of the new job college is going on and my group and I are trying to get the paper done.
There for I won´t write more about work or college.
Instead this update will be about strawberry jam which we got at the Christmas buffet. IMG_7120

Every person got a jar of strawberry jam. I have not tried it yet, because I have fresh fruits with my muesli. But the jars were a nice surprise and I am looking forward to try the jam. Can this jam be better then our own homemade?