Wool for winter time

Winter is here but where is the snow?


Even if we have not got any snow and the temprature is not below zero right now. The coldness is there and I am one of those who wear hat, cloves, scarf and a thick winter jacket, becasue feeling cold is one of the worst things I know. That can axplain why I have a lot of wool sweaters…

Anyways, this sweater is used a lot right now and works really good with jeans. The sbrand is Peak perforamnce and is very worm! So there is no worries to feel cold.

Time to get ready for PS4 night at my friends place.

Now it is cold

No words is needed….

Now it is cold. I am going to manage this winter? My ears, fingers and feets are feeling cold both inside and outside. Should I look like the michelin? May be as long as I can keep me warm. My fingers are always truning pinkish when the temprature is under 0… Even when I have my super winter gloves… Something is wrong for sure.


One of the best parts with my parents house…

When ever I get the time and energy to travel to my parents house, I do that. So, today I am here at my parents house and studying.

I do not know when they ae coming home or if I ahve to cook the dinner. One of the reason I am here is because I do not want to cook one more meal or at least one more meal for only me. Anyone who is living alone, knows the feeling of: Oh no, dinner time again and I do not even feel for cooking proper meal for myself and eat alone… Sight…


Anyways, I have this luxury to drink coffee from South America which taste much much better than the coffee from Gevalia, Löfbergs Lila.

Anyways, my feet are feeling could, and the darkness have already arrived so that means, time to light some candls.


Voluspa makes the best candles with senses. Normal candles with some sense can smell good before they are lighted and without any sense. While, Voluspa candles create this strong sense and lasting for long time. On top of that, the candles are in cute metal boxes! 🙂


We need color


I have said it before, When the winter is here and the darknes. it is more important than ever to have some colors on the clothes. For me it is really hard to use color when the sun is not up and everthing is grey. But, every now and than I remember myself, color, I must use more color. Today, was one of this days I remember myself to add a color ful top (yesterday I was totaly black).
This top or more right Kurta is from FebIndia, a short model. What I really like with the kurta is the golden detail. Simple, but nice and not a boring top either! So this top is my color of the day with a matching lip pen! 😀

Street decoration

At 11 pm and on Monday night before the salary arrives. There are no people on the street and totally opposite on Friday and Saturday upcoming evening. Also, the decorations have increased since last years, if I remember right.
Probably, I have to go out in the evening and look around. The other thing is, the market in the old town has opened. Love the market, it very cute and is an old traditional market.


Welcome back I have missed you

Are the leafs not beautiful?
I have not expired fall for over a year. In India, I can not say they have fall, due to nothing is really changed only the temperature.
However, the trees are beautiful with the leafs, but with the darkness is not that fun. When I wake up it is dark outside, when I come back home, it is dark again.
Hopefully, we will get some snow.

At 8:30 am is the time for passport photo. Thank God I have woke up on time and had time to get ready!

Mumbai´s Train station


For me, the old British buildings are impressing. And a most visit in Mumbai!
Build by sandstone and typical architected which is possible to find in Europe.
So, in Mumbai I was forgetting I was in Mumbai and not in Europe. Beside, the heat and the crowd was hitting me, the city is in India.
I cannot say love Mumbai, the weather was too hot. But may be Mumbai is much better now during winter season then in the summer.

If I only had sometime to be in Mumbai again….

Some things are just to die for

Some things are just to die for

When the time is running to the end, the brain has already taken holiday.
After my exams my brain will be half gone to Sweden. It happens to everyone, for example a week before summer holiday, everyone students and profs. have already taken holiday, it is harder to study and stay in focus. The reason is we know it is soon holiday.

For me, nowadays is studies in the morning till lunch time, with breaks to watch TV-shows and at 3-6-ish is gym time. That is my days… After the gym, I am gone, dead till the time I have my eggs and bread.

Right now, is break time for me, and I am looking on winter photos from Sweden.
To ski, feel the wind bit the cheeks and to have some butterflies in the stomach and feel free in the down-hill, because it is only the down-hill and me.
After some hours, the toes are gone and start to pain, so the only thing to do is to go to the cafe and drink hot chocolate with whip cream with family/friends and talk about which down-hill is good and relax. When the energy is back and the toes are warm again it is time to put on the skis and start to ski again. It can be the double black to the green down hill, in the end the important point is to enjoy and know how lucky I am.
We leave the ski center when our legs are gone, it might be 1 or 3. The time is not important, the important is to be happy and feel I have done what I wanted today. Because there is a day after and we will be in the ski center again to ski.