too tired

Right now I am sitting next to the kitchen table and wondering when is the chapter over. Or may be more right to say, how slowly do I read?… And I don’t want to know the answer.
Well, I think I have put the book on the side now and call for the night. The exams is in some weeks ahead. No need to study the whole night.
However, I am dying to see the result in finance and investment course, in any day the result will be out.


A photo from Canada, always something.

Good night!

lunch with a friend

Well for The first time to be at Vapiano. Everytime i have passed any vapiano it has been crowded. vapiano has a nice concept, Cook the food infornt of the customer. the problem is the Cues can be long and there for long wait time to get the food.
my food was a normal salad, while my friend had pasta.
i would not really go back because the noise level is high.


hopefully my friend want to orgonize a game evening with friends.

After the work

Yesterday I did not have time to do any good updates. The whole day was full booked with all sort of things.
First I had a “skyedate” with a very friend of mine, my friend does not live in Sweden, so we can only stay in touch by whatsapp and Skype. Thank God, we have mobile phones, internet, computers to make it easier to stay in touch!
Then it was time to run to college and meet up my group and write about our marketing paper. We are almost done, while many others have just started with the paper. Of course we had a lecture from 1-4 pm and after college was work time from 5-10 pm.


Not only I had hope to get a early sleep, and planned for. A friend of mine met me after my work and we took a walk also met up with an other friend of his. So, yea you can imaging we had a calm night and just hanged out. But, at 1:30 am, when they went out to have a night out in Stockholm Nightlife, it was finally my time go to bed.
The club life is not my coup of tea, I prefer to go out for dinner or be at home and take it easy with friends or family. The nicer part to go out is to dress up, but the rest feels pathetic. To drink, not be able to talk or listen proper and the environment in general. Home sweet home.

Cooking for more then one person

Also I am trying to Well, as most of you know, my college has started and that mean time to cook allot of food. Allot in the sense for a person. But for lunch and dinner food boxes do not last for more then a week (if I am lucky).

What I am facing is, I have no problem to eat “real” lunch. A real lunch with cooked food and all the necessary items the body need. The problem is my dinner.
To eat a real dinner is much harder then a lunch. I have no idea why, it is just easier to eat what is easy to make, sandwich or some fruits.

There for I have to make lunch and dinner food boxes so I don’t feel up my stomach with unnecessary things but tasty. An other reason for me to eat more correct food because I really want to work up my body. During the summer (holiday) work I did not get much time to work out and now, I will try to start again. I have to find out a goo work out schedule for leg, arms and chest. The legs are easy to work out, because of India, but arms and chest are harder to remember and know what I should do. But, I will try to become fit again. More work out and better food (My diet plan form India is still with me, time to keep up with it, may be…)
So, for some days ago I had to pans to cook food in, one with beef the other with chicken lever. both dishes lacks of spices… WP_20140901_004


high heels from the 70th


Well, some things are too special. Special from memories, oldness and so on.
As this high heels which I got from my dear grandma. The black high heels are from 1970th and now the third generation is using them.
Also, I can let you know, after over a year in flat shoes and now trying to use high heels. My feet feels, and not very nice  feeling.
However, I just love this high heels. They are special.


planing and planing

Swedish people do not like uncertainty in our life and there for try to plan. But at the same time we are aware of things don´t turn out in the way we want.
And I in that way, very Swedish.

Today, I met some relatives from Canada, they are here to visit. They are amazing people. For some month ago, I told them my wish was (is) to go abroad for my master and way not Canada.
There for they had some food items as gifts (I will show later) and a good booklet with universities all around Canada. Which mean I can finally get a good overview of all the universities.
The more sad part is allmost all the universities need 2 years of work experience, 4 years of BBA and IELTS also at last GMAT tests. In the end, I might be in Sweden for minimum 1 year and more. But mostly 2 years in Sweden.

So, my evening read will be the booklet I got.



blue berries


Well, I have no good idea what to do, during my last days before college starting.
But the weather is changing from summer to fall. There for it is time to carry a thinner jacket.

Gush, on monday September is starting and we are actually entering fall. Everything is becoming so grey, mornings, weather and the colors are disappearing. 

But, with the fall the lingon season is starting! Witch mean for the people how has time, berry picking. But, with my time table I won’t be able to pick any more berries or enjoy the forest till the next summer. It is sad to think like that, but the forest is amazing. Nothing is like the forest.

This is big OMG

I can not believe this is the truth. How is it possible? What I am going to during Christmas?

During my Christmas holiday, I will be back in India.
Yes, its correct, I will be in India and meet my amazing friends.
I am going to India!! India, Incredible India.

The price of the tickets are not the cheapest, more or less the double. But what to do? Sometimes there are no other options.

India, I will be back in India, my second home. Or may be Sweden is my second home?

India is for sure home for real food lovers!

The pic of India, is something I got from an Indian friend for some years ago and could not delete the mail.

Hello my little friend!



During the summer long weekend was spend in Småland. Well, all around the were small read cottages with white windows. Also, the were I staid was a small red cottage with a big garden. With many apple trees and flowers.
We needed to do some work, as in pick up the apples from the grass, move the stocks for the upcoming fall.
And guess what we found under some of the stocks?
Yes, a super small lizard, spiders and much more. On the photo it look like the Lizard is saying hello, here I am! Haha,so funny.

I can not really understand the people how are afraid of lizards, spiders and so on. What can they do to us? All insects, reptiles in Sweden are “friendly”, they can not harm us.

Next week is the big week

Wow, the time has passed by so fast.

To things are starting, college and belly dance class. Somehow I can not wait to start to study and finally get fixed timings.
The belly dance will hopefully be some sort of relaxing activity for me between college and work.
We need some sort of fun during the week and not only work and study. Also, I have wanted to try belly dance for a very long time and finally its time!

I went to this try belly dance class today and I have to try this more. The company with belly dance.