So the homework for tomorrow

I am at home after a long day.
Well, at the photo class we went through the basic things with the camera. The teacher is a great, he take it very easily and explain and explain. We practiced to take photos on each other and then we started to think more about the light and the background.

After the class we got two home works. The first one was a jump picture outside the nature, on top of that with a good background. So, I met up my friend and requested him to jump for me, thankfully he did not say no. However, we took maybe 10 photos, and some were more okay then others.
The other one is to take a photo on our breakfast. This homework is based on the light. I have never really been working with the light before, therefore it is going to be tricky. However, I have to buy my breakfast items today, because I ran out on oat, milk, soured milk, fruits everything! Therefore I might try to make tomorrows’ breakfast more fancy than normal. Let’s see.

Today is a long day

So, todays’ plan is:

photo class from 9-12 am, then I have to go to the office to take a photo for our cards at 1:33. After the photo I am meeting up a new friend at slussen. We will just go to a café at hang out. Well, then at 5:30-6:30 I have to be at the gym. At the gym, I have booked a bodypump class. After 2 weeks without any bodypumpclass means, I will be very weak. However, I think I will mange the class and sweat a lot.
However, I will look like a bag lady with 2 bags, one is a bigger one from the Golden city and the other one is a small black bag from Longchamp for my camera.
Because of the long day, I have to carry with me the camera, gym clothes, food and water. Like, this going to be long day. But, I can not wait to be in the class room and for the first time after ages learn more in creative subject!


Photo on Stockholm, Well, I really miss the sunny weather and the heat. We have not had sun for 5 days. But, may be today we will get sun!

A new cream


When I visited India during December, my friends and I went to Forest Essentials store in Pune. I would say the store is little bit a like Bodyshop, but better. At least the store provide a luxury feeling. In the store I bought body oil and a lip bomb. However, at the Mumbai’s airport, I had around 3000 rupees left and needed to spend them. So, once again I visited the store and found this lovely cream. The cream has a rich sense of roses. But, when I passed the security check, they needed to test the cream and run a scanner. During that time I was not sure if they would say, sorry ma’am you can not bring the cream on the plane. Well, as it turn out, I got the cream to Sweden.
The box, is really sweet and might be good to keep it with my perfume.