Evening reading

Well Can anything be better then reading a cooking magazine? So my dreams are about awesome food, which I have made.
I do not read fashion magazine, because I feel it is doll and not at all interesting. My clothes are comfortable and not high fashion. I prefer spending my money on food or saving then on fashion.
Cooking, eating and just make something is a great pleaser. Also to looking on picture, reading receipts creating ideas. Not all my food has been a success, which my dear family has experiencing but we can not always be on the top.

Unhealthy snacks

Well, I love, love peanut butter! The creamy, fatty flavor.

One of my family member in Canada told I had to try peanut butter and it taste heavenly. So, I did try it in Canada and though peanut butter with banana did not taste that great. However, now in Sweden I felt I should try to eat peanut butter with banana again. I might have change the taste. So, let me try and see if I survive after this experiment.
Also, when I was in India, there was an American girl and she said peanut butter with apple taste good. Then what sort of apple should I use? A sweet or sour apple?

Well, sometimes it is okay to eat this sort of thing. What would life be without unhealthy food?!


new subject, new papers


Hm I might have printed out allot of paper for finance. Also, it is right now I have time to sort up all the papers. I try to organize the paper to right chapter and class. If I remember right, I printed out all the papers during my summer break and just put all the papers in a file and left.
There for, I have to organize them now, even if it is not the much of fun.
However, I hope this subject will be interesting, but for sure finance is a heavy subject there for I have to provide allot of time to study and read.