Cooking for more then one person

Also I am trying to Well, as most of you know, my college has started and that mean time to cook allot of food. Allot in the sense for a person. But for lunch and dinner food boxes do not last for more then a week (if I am lucky).

What I am facing is, I have no problem to eat “real” lunch. A real lunch with cooked food and all the necessary items the body need. The problem is my dinner.
To eat a real dinner is much harder then a lunch. I have no idea why, it is just easier to eat what is easy to make, sandwich or some fruits.

There for I have to make lunch and dinner food boxes so I don’t feel up my stomach with unnecessary things but tasty. An other reason for me to eat more correct food because I really want to work up my body. During the summer (holiday) work I did not get much time to work out and now, I will try to start again. I have to find out a goo work out schedule for leg, arms and chest. The legs are easy to work out, because of India, but arms and chest are harder to remember and know what I should do. But, I will try to become fit again. More work out and better food (My diet plan form India is still with me, time to keep up with it, may be…)
So, for some days ago I had to pans to cook food in, one with beef the other with chicken lever. both dishes lacks of spices… WP_20140901_004


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