walk in Stockholm

So, today´s was the oppoiste from the last evenings with a lot of work. Therefore, it felt wired to not have anything to do at 9 pm, 10 pm and even 11 pm. So, instead of getting ready for bed, I decided to take a evening walk around Stockholm. During the walk I found a great band preforming at Drottninggatan. There were a lot of people, standing and listning on the band.
The music was not my cup of tea, but compare to other street music this was good. Really good.
That is the beauty with the summer, people are out and prefroming arts. The total opposite with winter, when everyone is sitting inside and do not want to face the cold weather.


Lunch plate


During the event at Kungsträdgården in the end of May. My family were there too to watch the show. Well, a problem was the food trucks were too less compare to the amount of people. So, in the end my dad and brother stod in a cue for more than an hour to get a plate full with food (see photo). I do not know how the manage to wait to so long. In my case I would have given up and go to Max nexto to Kungsträdgården. However, they were there and during the show, my brother was in the food cue and my dad went to the stage to take photos. Such a lovely family I have. Also, I did request my brother to take a photo on this plate, so he did.

Midsummer in the rain, just perfect


After many years without midsummer celebration. I have to thank my exchange student and also she is a good friend of mine nowadays. Well, only because of her, we celebrated together. She requested me to show her midsummer. A typical Swedish midsummer, well she got everything, from the food, to the maypole and also the weather. A typical midsummer weather is, rainy, cold and not at all sunny and warm.
Well, Skansen was nice, but a bit crowded with a lot of tourists, on the other side, everyone behaved.
After the maypole we went to have a look on the animals and also on the midsummer market. The market was, but nothing special for us, because they sold honey, jam and so on. However, the time went extremely fast and then the clock was 5 pm and we were cold and tired.



So,Yesterday was great.
We had lunch at my home and then we went to Skansen.
Wow, what a day, cold and rainy. Somehow it felt I was the only Swedish person at Skansen. We finally danced around the maypole and sang små groderna. My friend thought we are crazy to sing about frogs… We, yea may be we are. But at least it is fun to be wired. So, more updates are coming.

Preparing for next friday

Next Friday is midsummer and my friend and I are going to Skansen to celebrate midsummer. I have not celebrated midsummer for the last 4 years due to trips, work and so on. But, this year I have, my friend from Germany really want me to show her a typical midsummer in Sweden. So, the perfect place is Skansen.

For lunch we are going to have picnic at Skansen and I have bought juice from Smaka på Stockholm. The red one is with chili, cranberry and pomegranate. while the yellow one is made of chili, lime and ginger. My friend and I tough the juices tasted good and the juices burns a little bit to be more like the burning feeling from alcohol.
So let us hope this midsummer will have good weather!

Yoga and lunch

Wow, I can not believe how much I have already done and the time is not even 12!
The reason why I mange to correct the last things on the thesis, iron, yoga and organizing my clothes was because I woke up at 5:45 and could not fall a sleep again.
When I woke up my stomach was screaming for food, you might now the feeling when the stomach is so empty and hungry it start to hurt. That was the feeling I woke up with. So, I did not have any other options then get up and eat breakfast.

Well, today for lunch a friend of mine and me are going to Kungsträdgården for lunch. I do not know what I will have this time. First time was BBQ chicken and cow stomach this time I would like to have something else…. Let see. But fore sure mango lassie!

This is the BBQ Chicken we had. The BBQ Chicken was really tasty better then expected. Also, the weather was much nicer then todays’. Well, at least I am going to smaka på Stockholm again, I am so lucky to have great people around me who loves food just like me.

Smaka på stockholm

I really hope you have not missed smaka på Stockholm at kungsträdgården. From today to the 7th of June the event is going on. There are food trucks, restaurants and a lot of people.
My friend and I went there last evening and shared the dishes with each other. So, the first dish was BBQ chicken with baguette, then cow stomach and the final dish was mango lassie. The lassie was amazing, so sweet and tasty, just like in India.
We had a great time and on Sunday I will be there again with a friend, but that time I have to try something else.
May be, heart or a burger or something else hummus. Let see, where there are less people and cue.

Everything is great


The dress is incredible, the plastic bag is fun and I like the photo. I think the dress is made with great hand work with a lot of details. This dress was the last peace of the designers collection and is a strong dress. I am wondering how he got the idea and creation.
Why can not I be a great designer?

I am really looking forward to see how her future will be.

time to say good bye


So, today was a okay day, in the way I got time to be alone during the day. I manage to get food, go the boddypump class and meet the designers. Just that sort of day half is for myself and the other is for other people.
well, not only that, because one of the designers’ is leaving tomorrow afternoon and we said good bye today night.
In my mind it is wired to get attached to people so easily and when the time to say good bye shows up, everything becomes too much. and sentimental. I did want to let her go. Instead she should just be here for a longer time. that girl is truly great, warm heart. However, I am extremely glad to have her as friend. I know we will meet I India, Delhi. But, who knows.

Second show, second time


For some days ago we did the second show at Sharaton hotel. There was again a lot of people in the room therefore it was a bit tuff to walk around in side with this lovely dresses, but somehow we made it. Somehow I do not know how.
Well, we worn the same dresses which mean we were more comfortable.

But, there was a problem, and it was the stairs up to the stage, or at least for me. With the dress and heels on top of that the high stairs. Well, I mange it. Thank god.
Also, it was really fun to wear all the beautiful clothing. Pure art which all the three designers have made.