Friday, last day of the week

Good Morning!
I hope you had a good sleep.

In my case, I lept like a baby and did not want to leave the bed when a alarm started. Yesterday evening I thought it was going to be a early evening, but of course the time passed by too fast whie I was searching where I had put a gift. You know the feeling of the gift is located on a good spot, but where is the good spot.


Anyways, todays’ time table is simple, Studies to 10-11 and than gym for 35-45 minutes. Back home even more studies till 5 or 6ish and PS4 night at a friend’s place. Yes, I am really excited to ply PS4, I have not tried it yet.

Happy Friday and black friday! 🙂

OMG I did it

Yes, The results from law is up!


For the last hours I have checked every 5 mintues if the marks are out. Everytime, the coldness in stomach have I passed or not. With a huge disapointment when the results were not out and once again after 10 minutes the same feeling with the same disapointment.Anyways, than on my way home, I got the result. We can only get U, G and VG, U = fail, G = Good and VG= Very good. Next to law 15 hp (which is 10 weeks full time studies) was two big letters, VG.

I got VG in Law. Feeling really good and now today I am going to work after a long break for studies. Good result and my first work shift after 2,5 months of break.


Half way of the week

Tomorrow is the big day. We all ahve been waiting like crazy for our result to be out. The worst part is I have no idea how the exam went, But I am hoping for the best. In the end, it is our profs. who have the power.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day, we will get our result, and please keep fingers cross that I have passed Law.


Hm this was not that easy in the end..

Thanks God for coffee while studies are not going that well…

So, I must say one thing, sometimes a subject can be hard to understand when the prof. does not explain that well and also write wrong.
Therefore all my trust goes to two books, one in swedish which explain everything very basic (the book is from methods course in business C) and than the book for this course. But, there are so many things to remember and everything is in a mess in my head.

Also, everyone from law course are waiting for our grades to arrive on the web. So there are time to prepare for a new exam at 9th of December. Hopfully I won’t need to write law again… Please be on my side and let me pass law.

Exam is did


Wow, I am tired after 6 hour and 15 minutes long exam in law I am so tired. So, so tired anyways now it is over I can rest for the rest of the evening. I can not say I liked the exam, I sat with my book and wrote. Let see how good the paper went.
May be the best part is tonight my brother is treating me with a nice sushi dinner at Stockholms best sushi place! 😀

This day might be better

So far, my day has been okay, not too much irritating moments. However, still my friend has not manage a skype date with me. Therefore, I should may be give up?
Anyway, today is a study at home day which mean I do not need to travel to college (feeling really great). Instead I m going to stay at home and study. There are too much to do to ignore not studying.
In the evening is Rotaract meeting and I ahve finally good the papare to apply for membership! Yes, you got the right, I am becoming a member (a big moment in my life).

The trees are changing color from grean…

Some more days, weeks and months left


For a day or so my friend and I skyped and I realized in January (if everything goes as I have planed) I will be done with my BBA. January is not far away, not at all! More or less four months are left in this semester. Till than I have to manage so many other things. Thank God I have only college nowaday. It would have been too much to work besides my studies. I do not know how I managed last May… It was a crazy time but also a lot of fun.
Never give up…. best to remember that.

application time

Wow, so much work to do. I do not know where to start sometimes.
Should I write my personal letter, statment or search more? What is the most important part to high light? What does the university want? Is my IELTS too old? What will my marks be in the end? WIll I be able to leave Stockholm in the end? Where will my master bring me? Sometimes, it is better to not to think about everything and just focus on one part. That part is right now to write my letter. I have to get it done and after the letter, to collect all the other documents.

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But, may be the big deal is what is the price for the education. The price can include so much more than money. If I go aborad, which I have been dreaming about for sometime now. What is the price for my education. I mean, what is price in job opertunity, happines, relationship with family and friends, culture also language. What will I gain with the MBA from this country compare to the other country. There are so many things depending on two years of MBA studies. I have been thinking and rethinking what is the best solution. The best solution is may be is to follow my feelings. Also, to never forget to look forward instead of backward. When the docment is online, the application fees is paid, I have no way else than to go. The only option is to keep on walking.

Good morning

Well, yesterday was not a normal day at the office. More right, it was a normal day but due to power cut, the phone rang like crazy. Non-stop with super long cue for 50 minutes.
Also, on my way home, my shoes broke and did I mention they are from India, catwalk. Well what can I expect from Indian quality. Hehe.
Today, has been all about GMAT till now. However, in my learning process in math, the best way from me is to discuss where my calculation went wrong. Therefore, it is a bit hard to study right now, because I make the same mistakes. Or may I ask, what is wrong? Why can I not learn how to calculate right?

Well, now I have to walk to the store to buy proper runner shoes. It is time to get fit once again after a too long break.

In Malmö

So, yesterday was not at all a fun day. The reason was, first of all, I needed to sleep on the sofa at my parents house and the sofa is shorter than me… I came home from work after 11 pm and needed to wake up at 5 am. So, I did not get any nice sleep as you can understand. At 6:30 we all sat in the car to drive to Malmö.
However, a day has passed and I have been studying on GMAT, while the rest are out and walking around in Malmö. I must say, Malmö has a charm. But, nothing to campare with Copenhagen.
Well, soon will my parents be back and may be I am joining them to a coomon friends party. Let see.
If not, I will be here and drink a lot of coffee and getting nuts over the math. Seriously, GMAT is horrible.